“As a business owner, I have spent my career creating jobs and balancing budgets. As your representative my main focus is on getting our economy back on track, getting people back to work, and protecting our liberties. We must again make Utah one of the most business friendly states by keeping our economy open and working on initiatives that strengthen Utah’s economy and position us for success. Government should give individuals and businesses the tools to succeed, and not get in the way.”


Reopen Businesses Cautiously, but Quickly
  • Allow responsible businesses to reopen immediately.
  • Encourage high-risk populations to quarantine and take extra precautions.
  • Promote physical distancing and excellent hygiene.
  • Cut the red tape and test safe treatments and vaccines.
Protect Our Constitutional Rights
  • No more indefinite and broad mandatory shutdowns.
  • Give people good information, but don’t take away their freedoms.
  • The Founders made no provision for indefinite suspension of our rights. 
  • A government-mandated market collapse is the road to socialism.
Government Relief can NEVER Replace the Private Economy
  • We may lose 25% of our GDP – or nearly $5 trillion.
  • A $2.2 trillion relief package won’t even cover that current damage.
  • The only way forward is to reignite the free market.
  • No public health solution is viable that leaves families in a depression.